March 8th, 2020

Timberline Ski Area

8:30am -2:30pm; or as long as our legs hold out!

Troops Triumph 2020

Our Founders

The Troop Triumph organization utilizes Adaptive Skiing, a form of skiing that enables veterans with disabilities to participate in Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding using specialized equipment. The first Adaptive ski programs were started for the veterans of WWII and have since expanded to include special needs riders of all ages and abilities. While the equipment used to get disabled riders on snow may be different, the outcome for those with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, visual and hearing impairments, post polio syndrome, and a wide variety of other disabilities is the same as able bodied riders, "I'm skiing!" We began operation on May 5th, 2012, at Timberline Ski Resort. Our team was able to host nine athletes from the Portland metro area. Since then, we strive to bring veterans to the mountain annually. Troops Triumph is an non-profit organization that is fully volunteer operated and costs nothing for the participants. As we continue our beloved program, we hope to see an expanded Adaptive Winter Sports Program on Mt Hood for all the potential riders here in the Portland, OR.

Pat and Sandy Heffron 

Pat is a Portland Metro Area business owner and a PSIA Level III Ski Instructor at Timberline.

Sandy is an Audiologist with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and works as a Mountain Host at Timberline Lodge.

Kiersten, Wanda and Kathleen

The employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Kathleen and Kiersten, are Occupational Therapists.

Wanda now works as a project manager for adaptive winter sports at DAV Portland Chapter One.